Saying Goodbye to Bonnie Gardner

Four years ago when Bonnie moved to Alexandria with her military-officer husband, we knew that we might not have her for more than a few years, but given her talents this seemed like a fine bargain. Now that she is indeed moving to another state, four years seem far too short, and we know that those of you who have experienced her work will agree that she will be much missed. With lumps in our throats, we wish her all the best in this new part of her life. If you would like to send her a message, you can put her name in the subject line and write to her at, and we will see that it gets to her. Her last day with us will be June 22nd.

Bonnie Gardner, L.M.T,  B.C.T.M.B.

Bonnie’s professional involvement with massage therapy began 16 years ago with her first massage. “I came to realize that massage has the ability to create an atmosphere within the body that allows for self-healing, and so I went back to school.”

Bonnie’s practice tends toward that end of the massage therapy spectrum that uses deeper pressure, such as deep tissue massage and trigger-point therapy. She enjoys working with all types of clients, but has a special interest in those with chronic pain and injuries.

“Massage has a long list of health benefits, from reducing stress to decreasing muscular pain and soreness,” she says, “but you will experience your own, personalized, benefits.”

Bonnie sees clients: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and alternate Saturdays.


B.A., University of Southern Maine, 1988
C.M.T., Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, 2000


Trigger-Point Myotherapy
Myofascial Release
Sports Massage
Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage