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I have been going to Alexandria Myotherapy for more than 10 years for therapeutic massages to address tight muscles in my back. I love them. It is a professionally run practice in an office building in Old Town, more like a doctor’s office than a spa, and there is a very soothing ambience. There are nine different therapists, each with their own specialties and techniques. My favorite for the last several years has been Lynne Reid who does deep tissue massage for me. She has very strong hands and is a warm and caring therapist. I always feel better when I leave.

—Elizabeth FitzGerald

I love Alexandria Myotherapy. The therapists are great. They are well trained and really understand the body/muscles. I’ve been going there monthly for about 4 years and don’t go anywhere else. Sheri is fabulous. I get an amazing massage every time and she does a great job of tailoring it to focus on a particular area if there is an ache or issue I have at the moment. She’s also trained in pregnancy massage, which was an essential part of my prenatal care.

—Meredith K.

The care and level of service I receive at Alexandria Myotherapy is absolutely amazing. The staff is kind and very knowledgeable. I always leave feeling better and more relaxed. In addition to having a great experience myself, I also refer my personal training clients to them and they never disappoint. I highly recommend getting a massage/body work at Alexandria Myotherapy!

—Ryan Jankowitz

Alexandria Myotherapy is a haven of healing. The professional expertise and experience of each massage therapist is unmatched in the DC area (in my opinion). Doctors send their patients here. That speaks volumes. I’ve been to several therapists there over the years, but my favorite is Rita. Berkeley, the MIddle East, the Far East, and several other schools of massage have deepened her gift of being ‘present’ and acting as a healer on many levels. This place is not just another new age, incense-burning, ‘skin polishing’ establishment. The caliber of talent here is far above the norm. One visit and most realize nothing else comes close. Note: if it’s your first visit, get there at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time. There’s plenty of street parking, but sometimes you have to drive around a bit.

—Kathy Bowlin

Excellent intervention for aching joints and muscles, from regular massage to something I’d never heard of before but that has worked miracles for me when I’ve thrown out my back: Ortho-Bionomy. It’s subtle; you think how can something so seemingly innocuous help, but Angela‘s skill in Ortho-Bionomy relieved some of the pain immediately, and then got me walking without any pain in about a day or two. Based on past experience (before I heard of this treatment), without it I would have been miserable for at least a week. Service is courteous, prompt, and professional.

I have also been lucky enough to have had therapeutic massage from Sheri and others over the years, and it has always been beneficial.

—Joanne Lozar Glenn

Highly recommend. Rita is GREAT! I have been a client for little over 1 year and her fusion of Thai and other massage has added 10+ years of happy body and clearer mind to my life! Convenient, clean and professional location in Alexandria, VA.

—Joseph M. Southerland

I have been going to Alexandria Myotherapy for two years, with wonderful results. The therapists are very knowledgeable and have helped manage my back issue. I can’t say enough about the pain relief I have realized since seeing Angela and

—June K.

My wife and I have been going here happily for years. They’ve treated me for a number of athletic injuries and eased many pains. I think the world of their treatment and whenever I am injured, they are my first stop for help! They are marvelous for general stress relief and relaxation as well!

—Richard Coleman

This place is fantastic. All the therapists are highly skilled, each offering specialization in different massage and therapeutic modalities. The office and treatment rooms are calm and quiet, the website is helpful, and online scheduling is easy. I have been going here regularly for more than 10 years.

—Terra Fretwell

Every therapist is top notch in her specialty. I’ve been to each one and have benefited from each treatment. This is not a spa massage but most definitely an outstanding therapy treatment.

—Rachel Berry

The caring therapists here are trained and certified in many therapeutic modalities. They listen closely to your needs as they determine the best therapists and techniques to help you. Since the 1980s when I was fortunate to discover AlexMyo, my family, friends and I have benefited greatly from their knowledge and skill. You will not be disappointed.

—Nancy Wilson

Everyone there is good at what they do. And what they do is to help their clients improve their quality of life. Highly recommend.

—Bruce Miller

I have been going to Alexandria Myotherapy for over ten years and have had Sheri Bergen as my massage therapist. This is a serious, professional massage, one where the massage therapist is well trained and knows and understands the structure of the body. Sheri always asks what physical aches or pains I may have or if there are areas I’d like her to focus on to reduce pain and stress. Each massage is set up to address specific issues I raise. I always leave feeling much better physically and mentally. I am less achy, my muscles are no longer tight and my stress is reduced substantially. If you really want a serious massage, Alexandria Myotherapy is the place to go.

—Laura S.

I have been going to Alexandria Myotherapy for over 10 years. I started going for TMJ pain, and I have found over the years that my therapist has helped me with several other muscular pain flare-ups in other areas. I have a lot of confidence in her and believe I always receive good advice. Alexandria Myotherapy has helped me to improve my overall well-being naturally and to feel good about myself.

—Karen Crook

The best, over many years, they have always made a difference in my recovery.

—John Gregory

Wonderfully skilled and caring therapists. I’ve been going monthly for about 20 years and have seen several of the staff, including Sandy, Dina & Sheri. Right now I’m mostly working with Angela. who is exceptionally effective, using her specialty, Ortho-Bionomy, both in dealing with particular issues and in promoting general well-being. I am a huge fan of Alexandria Myotherapy and have recommended them to a number of friends, some of whom have avoided surgery as a result. You couldn’t find a better group of therapists!

—Lunette A.

By far the most talented, professional and caring massage therapists around! Sandra has been integral to my healing from an injury and I highly recommend her!

I’ve been going to Alexandria Myotherapy for almost five years and am extremely satisfied with my experience. The therapists are very knowledgeable, skilled and caring. Not only are the massages very relaxing and enjoyable, but my massage therapist was integral to my healing from a significant car accident. My therapist is committed to my overall health and has made recommendations for activities/resources that have been helpful to me.

—Kimberly L.

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I lived in Arlington and Alexandria VA for almost 30 years. I recently moved to the Nashville TN area and want to say—the place I miss the most is Alexandria Myotherapy in Old Town. It is a haven of healing. The professional expertise and experience of each massage therapist is unmatched in the DC area (in my opinion). Many doctors and chiropractors send their patients here. That speaks volumes! I’ve been to several therapists there over the years, but my favorite is Rita. Berkeley, the MIddle East, the Far East, and several other schools of massage have deepened her gift of being ‘present’ and acting as a healer on many levels. This place is not just another new age, incense-burning, ‘skin polishing’ establishment. The caliber of talent here is far above the norm. One visit and most realize nothing else comes close. Note: if it’s your first visit, get there at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time. There’s plenty of street parking, but sometimes you have to drive around a bit.

—Kathy B., Smyrna, TN

Came in for the first time and was seen by Christina. The place is clean and quiet. I arrived on a weekend and printed out the parking pass and there was no difficulty finding a parking spot. I was seen promptly and was very pleased with the service and in general. It’s a great place to get massage therapy!

—Lee O., Alexandria, VA

I am a client of Christina King at Alexandria Myotherapy and have been remiss in writing a review for her especially since she helped me rid myself of a chronic pain in my shoulder area that I have had for over 5 years. Christina is not only exceptionally professional and skillful in her field but is also very knowledgeable in the areas of injury rehabilitation and prevention outside of massage therapy. After an aggressive and punishing series of appointments as well as following Christina’s suggestions for stretching and exercise, I was finally able to be pain and stiffness free for in first time in a half decade. I am happy to highly recommend Christina and Alexandria Myotherapy for anyone experiencing similar chronic issues.

—Edmund J., Falls Church, VA

Spa massages are all very well, but when you want physiologically trained massage therapists who are masters of the craft of understanding the body, and using touch and pressure to make you healthy, then go here. The atmosphere at this place is very relaxing, but the focus is on working out the kinks in your muscle tissue which are constricted, strained, locked, or injured.

I have been going to Maggie Wissert for years. I call her a “Massage Sage” in that she combines the science and art of body healing through touch and pressure in the way that only a very experienced person who loves their craft can. I’ve been to numerous massage places and I know the difference between a “Sage” and a good masseur or masseuse.

Maggie will start by checking in with the client about what their problem spots are. She then works through the whole body and focuses on specific trigger points where knots and tension build up. She doesn’t overwork the trouble spots, rather uses the power of pressure over time and also massages pain-referral spots in order to release constrictions. She will also describe what she is doing so the client’s mind focuses on release. It’s amazing how body awareness will help to heal. I get off the table feeling like revived person! It helps she is a sensitive and compassionate listener with a good sense of humor in her approach to healing. I cannot recommend more highly!

This massage practice also offers luxurious coverings, heated massage tables (if you choose) and meditative music. I’ve also had really solid experiences with Rita, Darla and Sandy.

—Prairie S., Arlington, VA

My daughter and I have been clients of Sandy Levy‘s for years. In addition to providing relaxing massage in a calm and soothing environment, Sandy is tremendously knowledgeable about the human body and ways to relieve pain—and she’s always exploring new techniques and ideas. At various times, I’ve also seen Lynne, Dina, and Bonnie, and each has been professional, kind, and extraordinarily helpful.

—Mary M., Alexandria, VA

I have been going to Rita about 1 year. She has helped me immensely with my hip bursitis. I leave feeling refreshed and if I miss my biweekly session, I can definitely feel the difference. Well worth the cost.

—Cathy K., Alexandria, VA

I’ve been going to Alexandria Myotherapy for years and would highly recommend it to anyone. I usually see Rita Offer—who is fantastic—but comments I’ve heard from people who see other therapists are also highly positive. Rita can do both Thai-style and massage-table massage—since she is extremely knowledgeable about both body physiology (including trigger points and meridians as well as muscles, etc.) and different types of massage, her massage is highly customized to my particular needs at the time. I always walk out of there wishing I could see her every day and feeling hugely better.

—Jami B., Alexandria, VA

I rise phoenix-like from the massage table after a session with Rita. Honestly, I’ve been going to Alexandria Myotherapy for years for physical and mental rejuvenation, and to address tightness in my shoulders. Can’t recommend all the therapists highly enough. I limp in and skip out.

—Patty S., Alexandria, VA

Upon a recommendation by a friend I had a massage at Alexandria Myotherapy today with Maggie and it was the best massage I have ever had. I have a lot of problems with my neck and upper back and I find most massage therapists I’ve been to spend way too much time on other areas, but she asked beforehand where I’d like for her to focus and really got into all of my knots. Highly recommended! I’ll be back!

—Samantha H., Alexandria, VA

I’ve been to Alexandria Myotherapy for many years for massage, Reiki and Ortho-Bionomy services with the therapist Angela and I highly recommend all of them. I tend to have many overuse injuries since I am a long distance runner and do a lot of yoga. However, thanks to Angela’s extraordinary talent, I’m always up and running again. If you have never tried Reiki or Ortho-Bionomy, I encourage you to experience how powerful they are, especially from her healing hands. Plus the office is very efficiently run and you can schedule online.

—Mary S., Alexandria, VA

Alexandria Myotherapy, particularly Sandy Levy, changed my life. When I first went to Sandy several years ago I was experiencing chronic neck pain and wondered if it was something I would just have to endure. Not only did that ease and almost entirely dissipate over time, but any issue related to my muscular-skeletal system is taken care of by Sandy. She is incredibly knowledgable and compassionate. Also, her blend of warmth, while maintaining professional atmosphere, is a welcome change from other experiences I’ve had. I would recommend Alexandria Myotherapy and Sandy to anyone looking to heal a muscular issue or just looking for massage maintenance.

—Krista Carman, New York, NY

Excellent therapists in many specialties. I have a replaced hip and knee, and was facing another hip replacement. Angela Cannon has helped adjust my spine and hips with the result that the hip pain is gone and I expect a lot more mileage from the joint. She is trained in Ortho-Bionomy and reiki, using the different skills as appropriate to help the body heal itself. I’ve also had lymph drainage with Darla; that was very effective.

—Margaret S., Arlington, VA

Bonnie gives a very high quality massage. I have upper back issues and she is very knowledgeable on the causes and treatment techniques for muscle and ligament issues. Goes beyond massage and suggests stretching and exercises to heal and strengthen injured tissue. I’m now pain free! Highly recommend!

—Mike R., Fairfax, VA

I’ve been going to Sandy Levy Alexandria Myotherapy for a long time over the years for back and shoulder pain. Words cannot express how great Sandy’s work has been in providing relief for my pain. Her knowledge of the human body and muscular system is unbelievable. She knows exactly where to apply pressure to unlock my tight muscles and provide relief. I would recommend Sandy and Alexandria Myotherapy for anyone seeking muscular pain relief.

—Kenneth S., Arlington, VA

I’ve been going here since I moved to Old Town over a year ago. I see Rita for Asian style/Shiatsu massage and come out relaxed and feeling good every time! I am big on convenience and this is perfectly located right in my neighborhood—no traffic stress for me after my relaxing massage. I tell all my friends about this place. Very professional staff and competitively priced. You won’t be disappointed!

—Rebecca M., Alexandria, VA