Conversations on Wellness

For most of us, the achievement of wellness is a journey down many paths, not all of them leading us to where we want to go. We created this blog in order to share with you some resources and ideas that we have found helpful for ourselves and our clients. We hope that you, too, will share your resources and experiences.

Magnesium Oil: A Supplement with Obvious Effects

By Sandy Levy Deciding whether a given supplement is effective, or doing anything at all, is often impossible without expensive tests, and even then one might wonder. This is not so much the case with magnesium oil, which is not an oil but a slippery brine made of magnesium chloride and water, and which is

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Do I Need Vitamin D Every Day?

By Sandy Levy Almost everyone now seems to know that Vitamin D levels are low in industrialized populations, and especially as one moves away from the equator. In recent years we have noticed that more and more of our clients report having had their D levels tested, which is the only way to know whether one

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It’s Not Me, It’s You

By Sandy Levy When you praise one of our massage therapists for her miraculous healing powers,  in addition to feeling gratified, she is probably also thinking, “if you only knew that it’s not me, it’s you!” Clients tend to be somewhat incredulous if we tell them that in the healing equation, they are much more important than

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