Bo Lindberg, L.M.T

Bo is a native Swede who came to the United States in 2000. He especially likes to work with people who have chronic pain issues, and is able to bring a wide variety of modalities to bear. His focus is on structure, posture, and gait. Should you choose his Structural Deep Tissue Massage, he would check your gait by assessing the muscles related to your problem. He would then tailor the session to improve your posture and gait. If you require several sessions, he will, with your permission, take photos of your posture to compare the before and after results.

He has experience working with athletes, especially marathon runners, and for several years worked with some members of the Pacers Running Team. He is trained in techniques ranging from those involving deep pressure to those involving lighter touch and subtle energy.

Bo, a man of many talents, speaks German, French, Italian, and Spanish. He enjoys exercising, doing Qigong, playing music, hiking, and going to classic car shows. He and his wife live in Arlington.

Bo sees clients: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday


Heritage School of Massage Therapy 2004
Substance Abuse Councilor Assistant, Northern Virginia Community College 2019