CSFT is a type of body-energy work designed to free the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the body. It was created by chiropractic physician Dr. Don Glassey. Dr. Glassey calls CSF “the fluid of life,” that is, the physical connection linking neurons, meridians, and chakra energy. By addressing CSF, this method facilitates the optimal function of all the body’s energy systems. The result in most recipients is a profound sense of integration and relaxation.

In cranial-sacral therapy, the practitioner tries to facilitate the cranial-sacral rhythm, but in CSFT, the practitioner looks for blockages in CSF flow. The therapist palpates from the coccyx to the top of the cranium at every vertebral level, and uses a series of gentle, hands-on contacts to release the healing power of CSF throughout the body. The client remains fully clothed (or may be covered by a sheet) and lies on a massage table. The method is suitable for a person in any state of health. If for some reason the body or skin cannot be touched, the movements can be effectively followed working just above the body.

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Therapists with training in Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique (CSFT): Rita Offer