Alexandria Myotherapy offers the following classes on a periodic basis:

  • Neck & Shoulder Stretch & Massage for Couples
  • Yamuna® Body Rolling

Neck & Shoulder Stretch & Massage for Couples

Instructor: Sheri Bergen

Fee: $90 per hour at Alexandria Myotherapy; $110 per hour in client’s home or office

Time: By appointment; call 703-200-4215.

Dress: Comfortable, collarless shirt that allows access to the neck; T-shirt or tank-top preferred.

Additional Information: We know you can’t always come in to see us when you need help, so Sheri Bergen will teach you and your partner (friend, spouse, child, co-worker) an effective method of treating upper-body tension, including an active-isolated stretching routine for the neck and shoulder region. You will take home written instructions for all the material taught.

Consider inviting other couples to your home/office. For each additional couple, the fee will be reduced $10 per couple (i.e., two couples, $80 each, three couples $70 each, four couples, $60 each).

Yamuna® Body Rolling

Instructor: Sheri Bergen

Fee: $90 per hour at Alexandria Myotherapy; $110 in client’s home or office.

Time & Locations: Occasional Workshops. Call 703-200-4215 for current schedule.

Additional Information: Yamuna® Body Rolling is a workout, massage and stretching session “rolled” into one. Through specific routines that follow the natural direction of muscle release, you lie over a 6- to 10-inch ball designed exclusively for this practice and literally roll out your body like dough, elongating your muscles and creating space. YBR energizes and relaxes at the same time. With focused breathing the ball releases tension and discomfort, increases circulation, and allows you to unwind and free up your entire body. This technique may be learned in a class setting or be received as part of a session of massage therapy.