Session Fees

Massage Therapy-30 minutes$68
Massage Therapy-45 minutes$95
Massage Therapy-60 minutes$118
Massage Therapy-75 minutes$145
Massage Therapy-90 minutes$168

Except for automobile accident insurance, insurance rarely covers massage therapy, even when it is ordered by a physician. However, some of our clients have flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts that enable them to claim massage therapy as a benefit, and occasionally someone has an insurance plan that is unusually generous.

If you call your company, make sure they understand that you are discussing payment for massage therapy and not physical therapy.

Money-Saving Tips

Refer a friend or family member.* When they come to see us, we will send you a thank-you note with a $10 referral discount to be used at your next visit. A gift certificate purchased for a new client counts as a referral when the recipient comes in to redeem it.

Use your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account to recover what you spend with us and realize a substantial discount (which will vary depending upon your tax bracket). Your insurance company may require a physician referral for this (ours does).

Packages of four sessions of one hour or more may be purchased for the services of Allison, Leane, Marc, Wendy, Teneisha and Rita. Packages must be used within 12 months of the date of purchase, and may be shared. This discount may not be combined with other discounts.