Intuitive Energy Healing is a proactive healing process for your body, mind, and emotions guided by the seasoned Energy Healer’s intuitive skills. Based on your symptoms and blockages, a customized set of energy modalities are directed to clear, balance, and align your entire energy system (i.e. chakras, aura, meridians, electromagnetic field, etheric body (grid), flows and other energy bodies).
This process gives you understanding of the root causes affecting your health and well-being. A fresh perspective clears unconscious patterns, healing unresolved feelings. You end up relaxed and peaceful, more alive, more conscious, and connected to your true self. You are guided to re-member your wholeness. You take back your power to be the Real You. Free-flowing energy dissolve stress safely and naturally. Your body relaxes and the mind quiets. A sense of well-being emerges as free-flowing energy reconnects mind-body-spirit. The body’s natural healing mechanisms become super-charged. As Jill says in her Google review, “I feel 20 lbs. lighter! Talk about feeling healed.”
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

Therapists with training in Intuitive Energy Healing: Wendy Wisner