Leane Abbott, L.M.T.

Leane studied Swedish Massage at the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in Falls Church, VA, with a focus in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage and myofascial work. She has recently added sports cupping to her toolbox. She is an easy-going massage therapist who is focused on every individual's path to enhancing their quality of life. She particularly likes working with athletes to boost performance and recovery. Her clear communication and quick grasp of a situation leaves you feeling confident about her abilities and results speak for themselves.

A lifelong athlete herself, Leane knows what it is like to train hard, get injured, and try to recover stronger. She is a rock climber, a runner, a biker, a hiker - a doer of things! In her free time she loves to be in the woods rock climbing and hiking with her cat on a leash.

Leane sees clients: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


L.M.T. Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage 2020
The Art Institute of Philadelphia, B.S. Media Arts and Animation 2014