Enjoy a More Comfortable Pregnancy

Enjoy a More Comfortable Pregnancy

Enjoy a More Comfortable Pregnancy

Pregnancy creates many changes in a woman's anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, as well as her emotional state. Alexandria Myotherapy offers prenatal massage in Alexandria, Virginia.

We have two therapists who are certified in pregnancy massage and one other with training in prenatal massage. They have access to our specially designed cushion, the body cushion, which allows us to position you with comfortable, safe support during any stage of pregnancy. You can lie on it even into the last weeks of pregnancy.

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5 long-lasting benefits of getting a pregnancy massage

There are numerous benefits associated with massage therapy for pregnant women. Prenatal massage can:

  1. Lower your level of stress
  2. Decrease your amount of discomfort
  3. Ease your labor and delivery
  4. Speed up your recovery time
  5. Relieve tension and muscle strains



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Therapists certified in pregnancy massage: Allison DinsmoreSheri Bergen



Therapists with training in pregnancy massage: Rita Offer, Tenisha Coursey