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How much time should you schedule for your massage? This page will give you an idea. To pay for your massage or to give a massage as a gift, you may purchase an instant gift certificate to Alexandria Myotherapy. You can simply email the certificate to a friend or print it out for yourself. Of course, you may also pay for your massage at the time of your appointment.

LaStone therapy, 75-minute session, $155

If you haven’t had a LaStone session with our therapist, you haven’t really experienced the stones. The combination of heat and cold with the energy of the stones is magical.

LaStone therapy, 90-minute session, $170

Once you’ve experienced our LaStone therapist’s massage with hot stones, you’ll want more time, which is why we offer a 90-minute version. This is one of the most deeply relaxing massages on the planet.

One-hour massage, $110.

This is our most popular massage, and for good reason. An hour provides the necessary time for a deep sense of relaxation to be achieved, and nearly all of the many techniques from which the client may choose can be completed in an hour.

75-minute massage, $130.

This massage provides especially good value, and is often chosen by the person who wants both a deeply relaxing massage and work that focuses on specific problems. An example might be 45 minutes of deep tissue massage combined with 30 minutes of Reiki energy work.

90-minute massage, $150

More time, more choices, and more opportunity for relaxing and healing.

45-minute massage, $90

In a 45-minute session the therapist has time to provide both relaxation massage and more focused work for problem areas if both are desired. As always, the client may choose from our extensive list of techniques.

30-minute massage, $65

A half-hour massage provides an opportunity to sample either relaxation massage or techniques directed to the relief of pain. For example one might choose a neck and shoulder massage or foot reflexology or perhaps a Reiki session.