Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a manual therapy focusing on the connective tissue that runs throughout our bodies, surrounding muscles, organs, nerves, etc. Theis connected tissues, also called “fascia,” helps create our structure, but injury and the physical stresses of daily life can lead to fascial adhesions that restrict free movement and can bring pain.

Structural Integration (also called “Rolfing,” after its founder Ida Rolf) applies pressure to the stuck, shortened places, opening up restricted areas to allow greater balance, alignment, and ease in daily movement. Asymmetrical patterns are reduced, removing excess pressure on our joints.

Structural Integration can help people with chronic pain, older injuries that still bring discomfort, athletes wishing to enhance performance, or anyone interested in feeling more dynamically ‘at home’ in their bodies.

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Therapists with training in Structural Integration: Allison Dinsmore

Structural deep tissue massage includes checking your gaits by assessing the muscles related to your problem. Then the session is tailored to improve your posture and gaits. Therapists may request to take photos of your posture to compare the before and after results. 

Therapists with training in Structural Integration: Bo Lindberg