Enjoy a More Active Massage Process

We offer Thai massage in Alexandria, VA

While many people think of massage as a passive process where you lie down and a masseuse kneads your tight muscles, Thai massage makes you more of an active participant. Alexandria Myotherapy offers Thai massage in Alexandria, VA.

Thai massage varies from the Chinese theory in the location of energy lines and points, but also involves pressure on points along these lines, stretches and movement of joints. It's considered a passive yoga as the practitioner places your body into yoga positions.

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3 core benefits of Thai massage

Thai massage emphasizes work on the legs and feet and can include work done while you’re sitting cross-legged. There are numerous benefits associated with Thai massage, including:

  1. Reducing muscle tension and spasms
  2. Improving your circulation
  3. Enhancing mobility in your joints

The origins of Thai massage aren’t clearly known, but it’s associated with Indian traditions and was handed down through Buddhist temples.

Therapists with training in Thai Massage: Rita Offer